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  • Albany Creek
  • Aspley
  • Bald Hills
  • Banyo
  • Bracken Ridge
  • Bray Park
  • Bridgeman Downs
  • Carseldine
  • Chermside
  • Eatons Hill
  • Everton Park
  • Nudgee
  • Strathpine
  • Warner
  • Zillmere

About us

Concrete Applications are experienced concreter's specialising in providing superior concrete finishes throughout Brisbane's Northside. We produce aesthetically pleasing concrete finishes on concrete floors, bench tops, counter tops, stairs and hardscapes, as well as driveways, patios, pergola's and pool surrounds. Through the use of polished concrete techniques, stencil, patterns, exposed aggregate and decorative concrete applications we provide their customers and residential building clientele with a unique finish to be proud of.


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Our Strengths

We have 60 years of experience in the concreting industry, which means we are able to overcome any challenges related to your job. Concrete Applications is a company dedicated to pleasing its customers. Our experience and desire to please mean we can say confidently that you will be very pleased with the level of service and result we provide.

Why Choose Us

We are interested in small jobs as well as the big. Your garden shed slab, patio or driveway is just as important to us as is your townhouse project or new commercial building.Our representatives pride themselves on being courteous, punctual and professional at all times. We are specialists in putting your mind at ease and providing you with ideas and solutions to your concrete concerns

Our Client Base

Commercial builders Public Residential Residential Builders

More on Us


  • 30+ Years’ Experience
  • Highly Skilled Concreters
  • Attention To Detail                                                  
  • Free No Obligation Quotes
  • Reliable & Professional


We look forward to assisting you with your project, whether it's big or small, complicated or straight-forward. We have the experience, patience and attention to detail to give you the finish you expect.

Whether you want polished concrete, a set of Concrete stairs or an exposed Aggregate Driveway, we can help you. Are you a residential or commercial builder or a landscaper looking for a concretor who is interested in working with you on your projects? We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

Please call or email us, or leave an enquiry and we will contact you. We are able to meet with you at your convenience, and all quotes are free of charge.



Take a closer look. We provide Concrete for all Applications....including

Polished Concrete


Polished Concrete is the finish of choice for a modern, seamless, industrial look.







In Situ Concrete Benches


In Situ Benches are a great talking point in any home, giving a room a sense of permanence or used outdoors to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen area.






Concrete Stairs and Hardscapes


Concrete Stairs and hardscapes are a Concrete Applications specialty, whether it's a seat in the backyard or a set of stairs in your next landscape or building project, we can make it a reality.






Decorative Finishes

The finished available to apply to concrete are endless. Concrete applications can assist you with any finish you require, whether that be acid or water based staining, epoxy coatings, stencil or stamp finishes, or burnished concrete.






Residential Concrete


All residential concrete be that driveways, patios, footpaths, shed slabs or even house slabs. "No Job too big or too small."






Commercial Concrete


We at Concrete Applications have more than 30 years of experience in Commercial Concrete and can help you with your difficult projects.












Please call or email us, or leave an enquiry and we will contact you. We are able to meet with you at your convenience, and all quotes are free of charge.