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About us

Find concrete equipment Whatever concrete equipment you are looking for, you can find it at concretingshop.com . Competitive prices, at both wholesale and retail levels, are available for you. From concrete mixer drums to front end loaders, laser screeds to power grinders. Therefore, if it's concrete products you're after, you're in the right place.


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Our Strengths

Wherever you are in the world you are now able to find the concrete equipment you require for your concrete business or next concreting project. Hence if you are a retailer, you can buy from the world's leading wholesalers. Whilst if your a member of the public, there's a retailer near you.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

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Why Choose Us

Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer of concrete equipment its simple to list and sell from anywhere in the world. Whilst at concretingshop.com merchants, members of the public, concreter's, distributors and shop owners are all searching for concrete products.

Our Client Base

Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Concreters Driveway concreters Public Residential Residential Builders

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Find, buy and sell concrete equipment from all over the world at the concreting shop

At the  concretingshop.com you can buy and sell concreting tools, equipment and machinery for your concreting business, project and everyday needs.

You can find diamond tools or cutting blades for cutting concrete.
Polishing pads to grind and polish concrete, or an electric trowel or laser screed to smooth out your concrete are available to buy.
At concretingshop.com you can find the concreting product you are searching for.

Search for concrete pump parts, batch plant machinery and concrete mixer equipment online now.

The concreting professional can search for chemicals, admixtures, cement and aggregate products, rebar and concrete accessories,

All at the touch of a fingertip!


For the Do It Yourself concreter there is everything from concrete stamp patterns to concrete colour, concrete tools and decorative concrete equipment. And where ever you are in the world your product is shipped to you direct from your supplier, at the concretingshop.com

So start buying and selling for all your concreting needs at the concretingshop.com now.

Its easy, simply login to list your full product range and reach out to new customers 24 hours a day.

Or search through our extensive range of concreting products listed at competitive prices. All the worlds leading suppliers are online at the  concretingshop.com


Concrete equipment

Whatever concrete equipment you are looking for, all over the world you can find them at concreting shop.com

Retailers, merchants, wholesalers and buyers

The public and the concrete industry meet online at concretingshop.com to buy and sell concrete equipment the world over

Competitive prices

Buyers have the opportunity to buy concrete equipment in bulk from wholesalers and retailers, ensuring the most competitive prices are available from multiple sources at concretingshop.com

What else can I buy and sell at the concretingshop.com?

Accessories, Aggregates, Batch Plants, Business items, Cement products, Chemicals/Admixtures, Equipment and Machinery, GFRC products, Natural stone/Marble, Part, Precast, concrete pumps, Rebar, concrete tools, Trucks, Workwear And Apparel


Register at concretingshop.com to find, buy and sell concrete equipment from all over the world