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About us

ConX provides construction businesses with simple and easy to use measurement tools to reduce the time taken to estimate and takeoff plans.


Business information companies Concrete estimators Estimators Internet sales companies

Our Strengths

We enable our customers to get on with the job! Forward thinking construction contractors use ConX to get on with what they love. The job itself!

Our Network - Who We Recommend

JMC Operations, Concrete Shopper, Concrete and Quarries

Why Choose Us

ConX is your digital toolbox. ConX makes the "office work" easy. Measure plans, get a Takeoff, manage your tendering process, hire a team, and more.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil engineering consultants Civil Project companies Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Concreters Residential Builders

More on Us

ConX was started in 2015 with the aim of servicing the small and medium sized construction contractor through technology. Every decision we have made on our journey has had these guys at the heart of it. 


We started in 2015 as a site to match trades with work in their area. We were able to grow the two sided marketplace and gained some good traction early on. Through engaging with our customers and users we were constantly hearing how painful it was to return home from a day on site to sit down to do a takeoff and put a quote together. It is so time consuming and ultimately they may not end up winning the job, it was and still is for a lot of guys a real problem. 


Keith, a carpenter and builder by trade, realized that there was a massive opportunity to help builders and subcontractors with their estimating process. By using the technology available to the tier 1 and 2 contractors but out of reach for most guys running a business, we were able to provide takeoffs and estimates for projects in a fast but cost effective way. 


The BOQ service really took off and with that we were able to increase the amount of contractors on our platform. This fed into our initial offering where you contractors can engage with subcontractors they may never have worked with before, through the tender platform we have made some lasting partnerships. Contractors were also able to send out their trade packages through ConX to their preferred subbies and manage a project that way. 



However for certain subcontractors the BOQ service was still just out of range, the level of time and detail that goes into every project from our experienced QS team means that for certain trades the price was still not competitive enough. 


Again we saw the guys who were actually out there climbing on roofs, hanging doors or pouring concrete were underserved by technology and so went about creating ConX Measure. A really simple on screen tool that allows anyone to do a takeoff online. This is where we have seen our biggest success, we have users from Capetown to Denmark using the system. By providing painters, roofers, carpenters, plumbers and of course concretors a simple to use, onscreen tool to do their takeoffs and estimates we allowed guys to do away with their scale rulers and not have to worry about printing plans. Countless hours have been saved allowing the small to medium size contractor to focus on the job itself. This has accelerated the number of subcontractors coming onto the platform and now the tendering board is really starting to gain momentum. 


One concreter in Melbourne told us he was reluctant to go after some of the bigger jobs in the area because once it got over a certain size he was too nervous incase he missed something in the quote which would have a very negative impact on the company. Using ConX he has been able to quote with confidence, going after and winning bigger jobs. His ability was never in doubt he was always just reluctant in case something in the quote was missing, using ConX, it's all there in black and white, its easy to check what you have allowed for and have confidence in your quote. You can even send markups to the contractors for clarification on what's been quoted so there is no doubt.