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Melbourne Victoria

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148 Elizabeth Street Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
Melbourne Victoria 3000

About us

City Phones Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based leading IPHONE screen repair store established on 7th September 2015. Here we provide high-quality IPHONE repair, Samsung phone repair, Google Pixel repair, IPAD repair, and Apple Watch repair at a reasonable price. We are a team of the most experienced and specialized technicians who are very friendly in nature and result-oriented. We are specialists in IPHONE screen repair, IPHONE battery replacement, IPHONE charging port replacement, IPHONE back covers replacement, IPHONE camera repair, Samsung phone screen repair, Samsung phone battery replacement, and many other brands mobile phone repair service provider. We use only genuine Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, and other brand's original parts to repair mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. If you compare our repair prices you will find them the lowest in the Australian market. We provide a standard repair warranty on every repair we provide to our customers.


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We provide affordable mobile phone repair service using authentic mobile phone parts.

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About City Phones Pty Ltd:-  City Phones is the leading provider of IPHONE repair, Samsung phone repair services, Google Pixel screen replacement, IPAD screen replacement service within Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. City Phones is your one-stop solution for all aspects of mobile phone repair service in and around Melbourne and Greensborough. City Phones takes pride in providing fully guaranteed mobile phone repair, tablet repair, laptop repair and smartwatch repair services and products. They are well-versed and experts in mobile phone repair especially IPHONE screen repair and Samsung phone repair. City Phones was established in 2015 since then the team of qualified and experienced technicians have gathered more than 6 years experience working in the mobile phone repair industry with us. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians knows that breaking or damaging your IPHONE screen can be troublesome, especially with a fast lifestyle where having a phone at hand at all times is essential. City Phones is proud to offer same-day IPHONE and Samsung mobile phone repair in Melbourne and Greensborough that takes 30 minutes to an hour is your go-to if getting your IPHONE fixed is a time-sensitive matter. Read More https://www.cityphones.com.au/