Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council

Wethersfield Connecticut
United States

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912 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield Connecticut 06109
United States

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  • Danbury
  • Hartford
  • Meriden
  • New Britain
  • New Haven
  • Norwalk

About us

The Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council (CCPC) promotes the use of cast concrete as the material of choice for all types of commercial and residential construction. The CCPC will concentrate its efforts in \areas in which it is in direct competition with other materials offering less benefits than cast concrete and in those areas involving the new growing use of cast concrete as a better construction material.


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Our Network - Who We Recommend

Connecticut Ready Mixed Concrete Association, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, American Concrete Institute

Our Client Base

Bridge building concreters Commercial concreting Residential Residential Builders

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Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council
Phone: 860-529-6855 • Fax: 860-563-0616
912 Silas Deane Highway • Wethersfield, CT  06109


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