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Dungog New South Wales

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Lot 69 Common Road
PO Box 91
Dungog New South Wales 2420

    Servicing Locations    

  • Barrington Tops
  • Barrington
  • Booral
  • Clarence Town
  • Dungog
  • Gloucester
  • Gresford
  • Paterson
  • Stroud Road
  • Stroud
  • Tocal
  • Vacy

About us

Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd supply sand, gravel and aggregates in trucks and truck and dogs throughout the Dungog Shire to concrete plants, construction and civil companies, builders, councils, the RMS and one off projects. They have an extensive fleet of earthmoving equipment for earthmoving projects including road building, slab preparation, bridge and rail works, agricultural projects and general infrastructure. Their earthmoving equipment includes, but is not limited to graders, excavators, backhoe's, rollers, water carts, diggers and tippers. Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd don't just supply you with the material for your road, they can build it!


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Our Strengths

We not only supply and deliver all the gravel, aggregates, sand, road base and fill required for your project, we can place it. We have all the earthmoving equipment required to construct roads, dams, bridge platforms, causeways, culverts, shed slabs, drains, driveways and rehabilitation works

Our Network - Who We Recommend

DRMC p/l

Why Choose Us

We are local to the Dungog Shire and surrounding areas. We are familiar with the local topography, climate and geography, making us the first place to visit when in town for all your material deliveries and earthmoving needs.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil engineering consultants Civil Project companies Councils Local councils Local government councils Project management companies Residential Residential Builders RMS certification companies RMS concreters RMS contractors

More on Us


Materials - Supply and Delivery throughout the Dungog Shire

Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd work around the clock in their trucks and truck and dogs to ensure you receive the materials you need for your project, when you need them. They have access to quarries throughout the Dungog Shire and surrounding areas, and can source road base, fill, and all the aggregates, gravel, sand and rock required for your specific project. They have a sound fleet of trucks operated by experienced drivers familiar with the local roads and landscape. From Clarence Town to Gloucester, or Stroud to Vacy, Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd service the Dungog Shire for the supply and delivery of materials.





Earthmoving throughout the Dungog Shire

When it comes to earthmoving in the Dungog Shire, Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd have the equipment and experience to complete whatever earthworks required for your project. Whether you are building a road, performing remediation works, forming up a culvert or preparing a shed slab, Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd can ensure your earthworks are completed in a professional manner, without the need for third party contractors and undue delays. They have a broad range of earthmoving equipment and experienced operators in their business, and are both flexible and undertanding of your needs, They have knowledge of the local area and have the competency skills required to meet your onsite specifications. Whether you are land owner, a civil builder, a construction company, or an RMS contractor, next time you are planning a project in the Dungog Shire, don't hesitate to contact Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd on 0428979827






Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd - Your ticket to success in the Dungog Shire and surrounding areas


Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd have all the earthmoving machinery you require to complete your next earthworks project.


- Excavator

- Grader

- Trucks and Tippers 

- Rollers

- Backhoe

- Water Carts 

- Diggers

- Experienced Operators


Call Burns Earthmoving Pty Ltd on 0428979827 to discuss your building and construction requirements when in the Dungog Shire