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About us

Logistics Brothers services are services based on professional experience and competence enjoyed by service providers. Logistics is a process that includes all business processes both within the company and for other companies, customers and suppliers, etc... it means movement of products from suppliers and through production sites and stores until they are delivered to customers. Brother Logistics Services offer integrated, Multi-Hassle-free offers for logistics services in a single package that supports both you and your precious cargo


Concrete pump hose and pipe supplies Concrete pump parts Customs agents Freight company general Freight company machinery and equipment Shipping container deliveries Transport companies general

Our Strengths

The greater the distance and time between production and consumption points, the greater the need for effective logistics services. Therefore, logistics services are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of successful institutions today, whether through marketing, production or other services. It is not surprising that about 10 % to 35 % of total business costs are spent on logistics services, vary from industry to industry and also depend on location and weight / value. Logistics Brothers = peace of mind

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We believe that quality is not an option, but a necessity for the survival and development of our company in a competitive environment, we strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction that will always lead to customer selection. Therefore, our goal is to offer our clients cost-effective alternatives that will help them achieve logistical needs and work objectives.

Our Client Base

Batch plant manufacturers Batch plant sales Boom pump manufacturers Concrete pump hire companies Concrete pump hose and pipe supplies Concrete pump manufacturers Concrete pump parts Concrete recycling manufacturers Dozer manufacturers Mobile batch plant sales

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Our Advantages

Providing various offers without stress for our dear customers to provide peaceful mind for successful project management. We believe that quality is not an option but a must for the sake of development in a competitive market. We exert maximum efforts to gain customer satisfaction and remain their number one choice. We offer cost-effective substitutes for our customers to help reach logistic goals





El Akhwa
Equipment Trade and Logistics Services 23 El Mina El Sharkiya St, Raml Station, 3rd Floor, Office 22, Alexandria

+2 03 4812294  +2 0127 2736407  +2 0115 4375700




El Akhwa company provides custom clearance services as part of our logistics services. 






We have a team certified by the National Institute for Customs Training. Experienced in freight custom clearance in Egyptian ports

Our custom clearance services include

Custom clearance for air and water freight

Custom clearance for inbound & outbound goods

Commitment to custom clearance procedures to avoid tardiness and extra costs

Providing custom clearance consultation including average international fee




El Akhwa Equipment Trade 
Specialized in selling and buying heavy equipment for itself and third parties. Global customer network for all types of heavy equipment, concrete equipment including pumps and mixers in Europe, USA and the Middle East.
We buy, transport, ship & provide customs clearance for all equipment efficiently & in competitive prices


Whatever the size of your freight, Al Akhwa Logistics Services helps you proceed
We offer a variety of services to transport your goods anywhere inside Egypt
Using internal transport and carefully chosen service providers, you achieve trustworthy and flexible services
With goods that are more difficult to transfer, our trained drivers and logistics service providers find the best transport solution using modern trucks
High quality first grade means of transportation, more stable than any other company in Egypt


El Akhwa’s transport services include


Transporting and delivering goods safely and effectively
Experienced in dealing with heavy and sensitive equipment
Prior evaluation of special transport to ensure worker and cargo safety
Packaging services to avoid hazards during transport
Fully arranging with customer before transport, including monitoring during loading goods to guarantee quality and ease of transport
Hiring an adequate number of workers according to nature of transport


Brothers Logistics Services BLS specialise in the sale and shipping of concrete pumps and pump parts throughout the world