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The BroadcastPro6 machine/system is used to broadcast, or scatter floors and decks to blow sand, decorative colored flake, colored quartz media onto wet resinous floor, wall, ceiling, balcony, bridge/deck coatings, roofing systems (aluminum flake or aggregate, etc.) rock salt or other media like glass or natural aggregates, etc. into wet concrete/terrazzo, up to 25 feet away, depending on the media.The new and improved BroadcastPro6 model comes standard with an enlarged ~24 liter/~6 gallon hopper/holding tank that will accommodate a 50# bag of colored quartz or silica sand, or a 55 pound box of flake.  The large tank/hopper is twice the size of the original ~3 gallon version that served us well for over 25 years.A new engine has been employed to drastically reduce emissions when compared to older models.  NuAir may be used to nullify the odor associated with emissions, and coating resin odor, if required.


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The BroadcastPro6 will broadcast:

• colored flake of any size

• colored quartz (CQ) sand

• silica sand

• mica & glitter

• Cyber Fyber Flake (extremely lightweight flake)

• roofing granular (same as CQ sand)

• small size #0 (zero) & #1 (one) and #2 (two) natural aggregates (possibly even ^ #4)

• rock salt (1/8 X 1/4), etc. into concrete walks and driveways, etc

• colored glass or combo of natural aggregate and glass

• garnet 

• flint shot

• silicon carbide

• aluminum oxide

• rubber granular

• black beauty 

• basalt

• Oil Gator & Floor Gator Bio Remediation Powders,

and other similar types of broadcast media.


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The BroadcastPro6 is especially well suited for broadcast vertical wall or wainscoting, and expedites the cleanup of excess broadcast media, if you have any! Through experience, operators learn how to apply just the right amount of media to a wet surface for full coverage with minimal, to no excess. It will drastically reduce or in some cases, almost eliminate the cleanup process per se, (one quick blow down may be required), especially with fast cure resinous systems. In reality, the cost of the equipment will be recouped quickly, sometimes on a single project.  Then, you start making money on every project there after by reducing labor and media consumption dramatically. In addition, if the PayPal Credit option is taken advantage of when you check out of the Online Store, payments may be made to minimize the economic impact of the purchase, especially for small companies that want to capitalize on this technology. The newly purchased machine, will save you money on each broadcast project as you go forward to help pay for the machine. As noted in the Testimonial section, it usually is paid for on the first project. This broadcast machine is also well suited for lightweight media such as Mica and Cyber Flake. Purchase the SuperShute to allow the free flow of that lightweight media and some conventional flake.  The broadcast machine is also well suited to dispense natural powdered, bio-remediation absorbents like Oil Gator on beaches, mangroves, swamps, riverbanks and other wetlands to accelerate the bio-remediation of oil/hydrocarbon spills on land and water. The SuperShute is required for spreading Gator powdered absorbents


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Contact Details

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or inquiries.  

Pro Forma Invoice sent upon request. Please include all contact/shipping information with request.  

Email: info@broadcastcoating.tools
Call: 800-442-7261












Unsolicited Testimonials From Contractors Like You


"Steve Schmid To: Tom Uhlich
Subject: RE: quartz blower

We ordered 2 pallets of quartz  and sent 50% of it back - no joke. Saved me thousands just on material on 1 job. I will be willing to bet we saved that much on labor for that part of the process too. I am tight with money and that was a great investment." 

(quartz is the same as roofing granular for you roofing contractors and it can also broadcast aluminum flake for emulsions)

Joe Teague:  

I would get rid of our trucks before our blowers !!! Thanks Tom 

"Jerry Wasserburger
Tuff Stuff Floors


We don't need all these instructions.  You just have to make sure you put oil in the gas and pull the trigger.  My son and his crew installed a majority of the floor and broadcast in one day.   A very short eight-hour government job day.  Maybe not even one day, but the installers said they probably could have if the whole area was ready to go.  It could not have worked any better.  It was a light broadcast, but 30,000 feet is a large area.

It worked even better and faster than we expected.  I would say it paid for itself in one day. God Bless the Broadcast Machine and God Bless the USA."

Greg Polischuk
The Gillespie Group

(various emails from Greg) 

"Well, I have finally figured out how to really run this bitch..... I shot 13k sq. ft. yesterday and 11.8k this afternoon, all myself as far as the flake... Freaking Love It!!! I will be ordering another soon, you know I can be slow at pulling the trigger-- but will be getting another for sure."

"Tom, Great machine. I know it saves on consumption and manpower, and complete much larger chunks of the area we are installing. The whole job moves more quickly as there is almost ZERO clean up."

"Hey Tom, 

That machine paid for itself when I shot 1200 ft of cove in Albany last year--in an hour! New chute is in, I have 45k sq ft ready with all the cracks and joints and fiberglass I had to install. There were some nasty cracks. Anyway, installing 10k sq ft in an hour, and the rest tomorrow. Cannot wait to fire up the backpack."

"Hey Tom, 

No, I have not run the machine with full on open set up in the tank. I have taken out the dome, adjusted on the rod where the cotter pin sits and left the flapper intact. I do like the ability to fully shut down the feed of the medium being shot. However, with the SuperSchute, we seem to be good to go.  As a matter of fact, I will be ordering another unit here soon if I land this flake job I quoted. I did shoot the entire Brooklyn job myself , 65k sq. ft...... Good shit!!!

"Mike Hutchins
Performa Inc.
Wasilla, Alaska

My guys are lovin' it"

"Harold Lee Stertz
Universal Floor Coatings
Minneapolis, MN

We just did a 12,000 sq. ft. epoxy quartz broadcast with a glaze coat and my son used the broadcast machine and we had nothing to sweep.  We just put the glaze coat on it.  This system is fast."

"Mohammed Yasin.
Yousef Yasin & Bros Co,.
Amman - Jordan

Dear Mr Tom,

Greetings, All things are great with the machine and I want to thank you for your  cooperation. Thanks" 

"Gary P

The blower work well on the project. We installed quartz on the wall and without the blower this could not have happen. Thanks for all your help and I would expect to purchase another one in the 2nd qt. of 2010."