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About us

Seth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Brener Tools, the makers of the SMAKT Tool. SMAKT is inspired by 25 years of plumbing experience. SMAKT helps you core concrete in half the time, half the cost, half the price, and less than half the weight! After 25 years of core drilling, Brener Tools decided to solve an old industry frustration. So, we drew up plans for SMAKT, a new, faster, lighter, and cleaner method of core drilling. Because SMAKT uses 2 core bits simultaneously, you get consistent depth measurement each time; so, no taking apart the drill to change bits. A conventional 4 inch core, which took 60 minutes in non-composite concrete, switching to a 10-inch-bit, could now be finished in 20 minutes with SMAKT. Seth was the owner of George Breslaw Plumbing, LLC. and is a Master Plumber.


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Our Strengths

When examining the current tools on the market, we recognized that first doing an outer core, changing the bits, then doing an inner core, chopping the concrete, is time consuming both from manpower point of view as well as a business perspective. Our standard bits come in sizes that fit most job requirements.

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Why Choose Us

Reliable, made to order, and cost-effective are major reasons why Brener Tools® is the company you need when you are planning your next job. Our bits enable you to achieve an accurate result to any drilling project. Our tools were designed by professionals in the trade who understand the jobs and what they entail from planning to execution. What better way is there for you to maximize your labor while being backed by our customer support and services that you deserve and can depend on. Brener Tools® is designed with the user in mind. Labor savings and ease is why this company was started. Our coring system accurately centers itself and will bottom out at the correct depth. Most importantly, specialty bit depths can be ordered and customized to the specs you need. That is another added benefit of our complete coring system. With the cost of labor on job sites wherever cost can be saved, Brener Tools® will save you money. Providing a better and more accurate result. Get the customer service you expect and deserve.

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