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Published on 8/4/2021

Published by marketing@concretebroker.com.au

Have you joined the Qoin community yet?

Qoin is an ideal way to increase leads and grow your business


Australian businesses are realising the benefits of working with like minded individuals who all wish eachother success and prosperity. By trading with Australia's latest crypto currency Qoin, businesses are able to connect with small businesses who need the goods and services they supply. Clothes, wine, food, internest services, trades, why even concrete. You can find whatever product or service you require, within the Qoin community.


How it Works

Qoin offers participating merchants the opportunity to accept Qoin as payment therefore increasing their customer base and reducing their spare capacity and building more profitability. All this in a zero cost to join model.


Qoin - Supporting the Success of SME’s for 30 years

With over 30 years of success supporting small business’ globally through the Bartercard brand, Qoin realised the need for global commerce to adopt a widely used, reliable digital currency platform that enables consumers to spend with their favourite merchants instore or online.


A Digital Community

Qoin is a global community of buyers and sellers with a common goal. Growing the community together means more day to day spending options to save cash along with the increased potential for the Qoin value to increase. The more the community grows, the greater the opportunity for all.

Early members of the QOIN community have seen the value of their Qoin grow from less than a dollar, to over $9.00 in 2021. And now the Qoin community is opening up in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, there are even more opportunities, as merchants can transact with other businesses in a truly global community. So forget about paying bank fees, and trading in a financial institution with little or no participation with other bank customers, get with the real world. Join the Qoin community, and watch your Qoin grow in value as you hang out with like minded businessses who enjoy the benefits of earning and spending their Qoin. List your products for sale on the Q Shop, or list your services at qoin.world and sit back as the new business leads begin to flow your way.


Qoin Wallet

When you join Qoin you shall be given your very own wallet, which you use to send and receive Qoin when buying and selling goods and services. It has a QR code linked to your business. Remember to back up the wallet to ensure your Qoin is safe and protected. And remember to keep your seed phrases and passwords safe and protected at all time. And don't forget Qoin has agents scattered all over the country if you need advice or assistance at any time. 




Be Part of Where the World is Going | Qoin Digital Currency


Qoin is designed as a digital currency. Participating merchants will accept Qoin as payment for real goods & services. The purchasing power of a Qoin token ...

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Qoin Wallet - Download for Apple or Android | Qoin

https://qoin.world › wallet

Bringing customers and merchants together in the Qoin community ... An interactive directory built into the new Q Shop displays merchants locally and nationally.







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