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Published on 4/4/2021

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Need a tow truck in Queens

Check in with our latest member - TOW TRUCK QUEENS


Our latest member Tow Truck Queens are The Best Local Tow Truck Company In Queens With 24 Hour Towing.





Towing and Roadside Assistance Services

The old days of having an unreliable vehicle that doesn’t live past a certain dashboard miles number are over. Sometimes though our modern marvel of engineering  cars, pickup trucks and SUV’s break down. And it’s never in a convenient location. Luckily we are the towing company in Queens that you can rely on to come to the rescue in these situations. As the local tow truck service in Queens we offer many other services.

Need towing abandoned vehicles that are blocking your driveway? Are you locked out of your car? Did you catch a flat tire? Did your battery die and a jump start is what it needs to keep moving? Anything can happen and its important that you have a professional towing service on your side. We’ve been the go to tow truck company in Queens.

Call: (646) 828-1086

Emergency towing

Most people quickly type in “towing company near me” when their in an emergency situation on the side of the road. We offer 24 hour emergency towing Queens, were always ready to jump in. We have drivers across the borough so no matter where you might be stuck we’ll be ready to get you out of that emergency. Worried about your car size? We have flatbed trucks on the road so size will never be an issue in an emergency towing situation. Beware of dealing with inexperienced towing companies, they can lead to more worse damage. Some tow truck drivers try to hook vehicles up when they just won’t work, beware the damage. Our drivers are incredibly experienced, we treat you and your car like its one of ours and we never lose our cool no matter how challenging the situation becomes.

When it comes to towing emergencies lack of experience versus a plethora of experience can make or break how bad your vehicles problem actually becomes. All vehicles must be handled and transported carefully to avoid unnecessary damage. Our drivers don’t play when it comes to experience, no mistakes can be made.

Call: (646) 828-1086

Car Lockout Service

With modern technological achievements vehicles have been designed to prevent key locking, beware this might still be faulty.. Sometimes your keys batteries might die or your locks are broken, extremely inconvenient and an annoyance. Don’t break your window, give us a call, we have trained car lockout service Queens professionals that’ll get that door unlocked and get you back on the road. 

In the old days the most common method to get you out of a car lockout situation was the use of a coat hanger or slim jim. Creation of more sophisticated methods in todays modern world requires experienced locksmiths, which we have on staff. Our roadside assistance or emergency operators will gather all the information you need when you call us and send all the details out to our drivers and we’ll have a truck dispatched to you immediately. Don’t worry you’ll have a quote and an ETA as well.

Call: (646) 828-1086

Flat Tire Repair and Replacement

Unfortunately for the modern world flat tires will never go away, more times than not its usually more than one flat too. Something so easy and simple: replacing or fixing a flat, has become difficult to do on your own because of a variety of reasons such as manufacturers not including spare tires or tools to get it done in your trunk. Even if you do have a spare it might not fully get you where you need to go.. 

We Now offer an affordable tire repair and replacement service to get you back out there quickly. Our drivers are equipped with all the tools necessary to replace or repair that flat tire. Tire doesn’t need to be replaced? We also offer roadside tire repair services in the case where your tire just need to be fixed and not replaced. Our level of service is top notch, we’ll provide every service you need at very affordable rates.

Call: (646) 828-1086

Removing Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

If your driveway is blocked in by an illegally parked or abandoned vehicle don’t freak out or get frustrated, it always happens when you least expect it to and when you least need it to happen. Getting that car out of your driveway quickly is the key to these situations. We remove illegally parked or abandoned vehicles very quickly because we respect your time as we do ours. We’ll have you back on the road quickly. 

Don’t deal with an auto wrecker. If you have an old vehicle on your property and you need cheap towing near me give us a call we handle those situation too.

As professional tow truck drivers with years of experience, damage free towing is inevitable. Work with us so you don’t need to worry about lawsuits from car owners.

Call: (646) 828-1086

Jump Start Service and Gas Delivery

The low gas warning light coming on freaks out the most experienced of us all. A few gallons of gas is all you need to get to where you want to go but the worst part is the fact that the nearest gas station is miles and miles away. This can cause extreme amounts of stress and pressure. Our dispatchers are on call 24/7 for any delivery of emergency gas services. We’ll give you the ETA and the cost.

Got a dead battery? Our tow truck drivers know exactly how jump starting a car with a dead battery works. The systems in your car are very intricate, don’t play around with them by yourself and don’t let a person with no experience do it either.

Call: (646) 828-1086

Collision Towing

Not all drivers are as carefully and observant as you are. When you are caught in an accident you need a professional towing service that’ll be at the site of the accident quickly without making the situation worse than it already is. We’re very fast and we’ll make sure that fares are set up on the roadway and we’ll tow your vehicle to safety. Our drivers also have all the knowledge on what to do next in these types of situations. Of course we hope for the best when go out and drive, but be smart and keep the number of a reliable and professional towing service just in case you end up in a car accident.

Call: (646) 828-1086

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Check in with our latest member - Gotham Ready Mix

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Trucks are getting bigger, and humans are staying the same size

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NYCON Diamond & Tool Inc. is a New York based full service Concrete Cutting, Core Drilling, Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing, wire sawing, supplier. Our subsidiaries J1 Core & Core 1 Inc provide cutting and sawing services. As a professional cutting company and supplier, we sell and service a complete line of diamond cutting products, safety equipment and power tools. Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

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As a NYC lead ready mix concrete supplier, Gotham Ready Mix is proud to serve all 5 boroughs including Yonkers New York. With a combined experience of over 45+ years that changed the NYC skyline, our team of 60 employees, 40 trucks and state of the art mixing plants helps ensure smooth operations from small projects to large superstructures. Additionally, we are adding our 60ft conveyor and 12 yard mobile mixing concrete plant to our fleet. Serving the commercial, residential and government sectors, our company has the expertise to handle any size job. Our 5 year plan is to expand our current fleet to over 100 trucks and 4 locations. We are DOT and NRMCA approved.

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Trouble brewing at Seabrook's nucleur plant

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Houston is placing about 3 million square yards of NGCS in total.

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Rapper/entrepreneur/design aficionado Kanye West helps create an affordable concrete dream

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CEMEX'S?Flagstaff Ready-Mix Plant supplied 4,000 cubic yards of concrete

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Think Logtrade, more than 200 000 000 shipments since 2008

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Anping County Heyou Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter and manufacturer of wire mesh. Founded in 2004, the factory is located in Anping County, Hebei Province, China, known as the hometown of wire mesh. Our factory features in the following products: Security fence,Euro Fence,Garden Fence,Chain Link Fence,Temporary Fence,Ornamental Fence,Palisade Fence,Field Fence,Concertina Razor Wire,Barbed Wire,Reinforcing Trench Mesh,Concrete Reinforcing Mesh,Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Panel,Mesh Panel,Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Panel,Clamp Type Acoustic Pipe,Spiral Acoustic Pipe,Flange Type Acoustic Pipe,Pile Foundation,Acoustic Pipe,Sleeve Tube Acoustic Pipe, etc. We?ll build and develop the co-operation relationship with new and old business friends at home and abroad continuously with our mission of offering products exactly meeting your needs.

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Logistics Brothers services are services based on professional experience and competence enjoyed by service providers. Logistics is a process that includes all business processes both within the company and for other companies, customers and suppliers, etc... it means movement of products from suppliers and through production sites and stores until they are delivered to customers. Brother Logistics Services offer integrated, Multi-Hassle-free offers for logistics services in a single package that supports both you and your precious cargo

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The CoGri Group is a consortium of international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists. With over 25 years global experience in the design, construction, upgrading of industrial concrete floors and are regarded as leaders and experts in our field. Our unique range of services and products which have been researched, invented and manufactured in-house at our workshops in the UK, mean that we are able to offer the latest solutions and technologies to clients, helping them to maximise their warehouse floor efficiency. The CoGri Group operates worldwide with Group companies and partners operating from offices based in the UK, Australia, Mainland Europe, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Arabs Emirates.

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Jiangxi Freet Diamond Tools Co., Ltd ( Freet Company) is a high-tech Co. Ltd, with standardized management and stock ownership. It is combined with scientific research, production, sale and service. Originated from its former pioneer?Minnan Knife Factory, which was a family generated system in 1994, it has renamed as Quanzhou Freet Diamond Tools with modern stock ownership. In order to seek higher development, a larger production base in Jiangxi Province. With our new big factory set in Jiangxi, the company is now named as Jiangxi Freet Diamond Tools. 

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Concrete Grinding are global experts in upgrading concrete floor flatness in VNA / narrow aisle warehouses and distribution centres. Each year we grind thousands of linear metres of aisle to enable VNA forklift trucks to operate safely and efficiently.







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