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Published on 3/15/2021

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How much does concrete cost in Melbourne?

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In Melbourne we recommend purchasing concrete for your next project through Concrete Shopper Pty Ltd. Concrete can be supplied from a number of suppliers in Melbourne, many of whom are associated with Concrete Shopper. Large concrete suppliers, minimix concrete providers and small independent concrete retailers are affiliated with the Concrete Shopper network. Therefore when you shop for concrete with the professionals at Concrete Shopper in Melbourne, you have access to a broad range of concrete supply companies. This ensures you not only receive the best service, you receive the best deal along the way.

Melbourne's New Suburbs

Irrespective of recent COVID 19 complications, Melbourne is set to expand in the coming years. Concrete Shopper Pty Ltd's Managing Director Kathryn Hargreaves anticipates a strong increase in concrete volumes within the 12 new suburbs across greater Melbourne’s west, north, northwest, and southeast.

These suburbs include: 

  • Beveridge North West – 42km North
  • Wallan South – 45km North
  • Wallan East – 45km North
  • Merrifield North/Kalkallo Basin – 46km North
  • Shenstone Park – 33km North
  • Lindum Vale – 32km North
  • Craigieburn West – 35km North
  • Pakenham East – 56km South-East
  • Officer – 54km South-East
  • Croskell – 39km South-East
  • Kororoit Part 2 – 29km West
  • Aviators Field – 25km South-West



Governmental plans for the new suburbs include a mixture of employment, residential and mixed-use neighbourhoods, with town centres, cycling and walking paths, and schools. Many new home buyers are set to take advantage of stamp duty discounts and first home buyer concessions to build their first or dream home in these new suburbs. 

At Concrete Shopper you can obtain information on how much concrete you require, the mix of concrete needed and the price of concrete in your suburb. Whether it is exposed aggregate concrete for your footpath, or coloured concrete for your new driveway, or simply concrete for your new house, Concrete Shopper are your number 1 concrete supplier in Melbourne.

Contact Kathryn and her team at Concrete Shopper on 0403872437 to discuss your concrete needs, or simply email Concrete Shopper by clicking here Concrete Shopper 


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