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Published on 10/6/2020

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Spring sees a rise in concrete deliveries on the East Coast

With summer coming concreting jobs are on the agenda

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Spring 2020


After a wetter than average winter, and the significant effects of COVID 19 on the Australian Economy, concrete suppliers are buoyed by early Spring concrete demand. Leading Australian concrete supplier Concrete Shopper Pty Ltd, has seen an increase in concreting jobs along the East Coast, particularly in NSW and down as far as Adelaide, where people are starting to look toward summer concreting projects. Company spokesperson Kathryn Hargreaves with whom we spoke this week said people are concreting small garden sheds, patios, pool surrounds and footpaths, as they seek to improve their home surrounds. "Concrete Shopper has seen an increase in concrete supply to landscapers, small residential concreter's and home owners in the first five weeks of Spring", Hargreaves noted. "Whilst there is still strong demand for concrete driveways in most new subdivision locations, including Western Sydney and parts of the Hunter Valley and Newcastle", she noted. 

Concrete Shopper's Tim Harrison echoed Hargreave's sentiments when we called him to discuss concrete supply in Sydney, where he works with Boral, Hanson, Holcim, Metromix and Able concrete. "It's becoming increasingly difficult to book in concrete and find the time you want to pour", Harrison said. "If you don't give at least a weeks notice when booking your concrete pour in throughout all Sydney locations, you may find you cannot find a time slot until 2 or 3.00 in the afternoon, and thats if you're lucky", he said. "And Wollongong, the Southern Highlands and many parts of the South Coast are similar" , he went on to say. The large concreting projects including infrastructure, road and highrise developments often take precedence over smaller residential concrete pours. Whilst the smaller concreters and public in general have to take a back seat to the big boys around town and pour second or even third up each day. 


Photo Courtesey of Imperial Concrete Group


Stewart Mercer, the Concrete Shopper sales representative for Adelaide, tells a similar story. "I think many people were holding off starting their concrete projects during winter", Mercer said, "particularly with the uncertainty surrounding COVID lockdowns. But now here in Adelaide, where we are all but COVID free, it seems to be full steam ahead toward Christmas when it comes to concreting", he said. "All the major suppliers with whom I speak each day are flat out", he said, "and finding the bookings my cutomers require, is a bit like trying to win the lottery some days". And not only is the decline in COVID numbers and the impact of government stimulus assisting the concrete industry, the rise in stay at home workers appears to be have an underlying effect as well. Harrison said that many of his concrete customers are stay at home workers who are looking to extend their houses by introducing a home office, extra living are or small shed to their dwelling. "I think many people are spending more time at home" he said, "and constantly looking for ways they can improve their houses. Concrete often forms an integral part of those plans he said. Whether its concrete for a brick wall at the front of their house, or for a new footpath down the side of their house, or a garden shed out the back, small concrete jobs are definitely on the rise," he said. "Particularly minimix loads where only a small amount of concrete, and often a small truck are required," he said. 


Photo Courtesy of Imperial Concrete Group


This is music to the ears of many Concrete Broker members, including Blue Tongue Concrete and Landscaping, and the Imperial Concrete Group, with whom we spoke to prior to the October long weekend. "Its been a difficult start to 2020," said Koray Uner, of the Imperial Concrete Group, in the Hills District of Sydney, "but now we are quoting on a few more concreting jobs, and things are definitely looking up," he said. "We specialise in coloured and decorative concrete," said Koray, "and there has definitely been more enquiry for that sector of the industry," he went on to say.


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