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Published on 3/16/2020

Published by marketing@concretebroker.com.au

Got a start up business in the construction or tech industry?

concrete broker.com isn't the only search engine check out these


What is a stratup 


Source: Startup Ranking


In the entrepreneurship world we live in, there exists different definitions for what a startup is, e.g.:

"A startup is a temporary organization used to search for a repeatable and scalable business model." Steve Blank, 2012.



For StartupRanking, a startup is:

"An organization with high innovation competence and strong technological base, which has the faculty of an accelerated growth and maintains independence through time. The max lifespan should be of 10 years."


What does an organization with high innovation competence mean?

It describes an organization which constantly innovates, in regard of business models, tools, organizational structure, as well as ideas and products, thus following profitability and scalability as objectives.


What does an organization with strong technological base mean?

It describes an organization which main business processes are heavily supported by technology, following the last trends in software and hardware.


What does maintaining independence through time mean?

It means that an organization should not have been acquired by other one and have not gone through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).


Why 10 years?

It has been statistically proven that this is the average time for a startup to take off and become a profitable and self sustainable company.


To summarize

For StartupRanking to consider a startup as such, follows these rules:

  • To have less than 10 years of foundation.
  • Not to have been acquired.
  • Not to have gone through IPO.
  • To be heavily supported by technology.



There are literally hundreds of search engines online to register your startup or new business with.

Active Search Results is just one example. 


About Us

Active Search Results (ASR) is an independent Internet Search Engine using Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology (ASR Ranking) with Millions…

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Lets take a look at a comprehensive list of search engines available through SR Booster at Start Up Ranking



Directory List

SR Booster

We continuously curate this directory list to only show you currently active sites.

Here's the full SR Booster list where we will submit your startup:







ActiveSearchResults Independent Internet Search Engine. Do-Follow Good Very High
AlternativeTo Lets you find apps and software for by recommending alternatives. No-Follow Excellent Very High
AngelList Platform to find a startup jobs, invest in a startup, or raise money. No-Follow Excellent Very High
Betafy Explore new products and opportunities. Do-Follow Average Very High
BigStartups Global networking platform for startups, members and startup communities. Do-Follow Average Very High
CrunchBase Database of startups and companies. No-Follow Excellent Very High
Designer News Share your product design and collect feedback. No-Follow Very Good Very High
F6S Network where founders get deals, recruit and apply for funding. Do-Follow Very Good Very High
Gust Place to start, grow, and fund your venture. Do-Follow Very Good Very High
Index.co Track updates from startups of your interest. Do-Follow Good Very High
Indie Hackers Work Together to Build Profitable Online Businesses. Do-Follow Very Good Very High
Magnitt The place where VCs and Entrepreneurs come together. Do-Follow Average Very High
Pages The best web pages around. Do-Follow Average Very High
Postscapes Trends from the connected economy. No-Follow Good Very High
Prefundia Submit your projects and more. Do-Follow Average Very High
Product Hunt Curation of the best new products, every day. Do-Follow Excellent Very High
PromoteProject Showcase your creations to the world. Do-Follow Average Very High
Reddit - Design Critiques Get constructive criticism for your product design. Do-Follow Excellent Very High
Reddit - Indiebiz Sub-reddit exclusively for indie biz owners. Do-Follow Excellent Very High
Reddit - Sideprojects Sub-reddit exclusively for showcasing side projects. Do-Follow Excellent Very High
Reddit - Small Business Sub-reddit exclusively for small business owners. Do-Follow Excellent Very High
Reddit - Startups Sub-reddit exclusively for showcasing startups. Do-Follow Excellent Very High
SaaSHub The independent software marketplace. Software alternatives and reviews. Do-Follow Good Very High
Slant Product recommendation community. No-Follow Excellent Very High
SnapMunk Insights and Entertainment regarding technology. Non-Existent Average Very High
Spoke (New) Discover relevant business information. No-Follow Good Very High
StackShare The best Open Source & Software as a Service (SaaS) tools in one place. No-Follow Very Good Very High
Startup Blink Interactive map of startups around the world. Do-Follow Average Very High
Startup Europe The biggest EU Directory for Innovative Startups. Do-Follow Average Very High
Startup Roulette Startup discovery platform with a twist. Do-Follow Average Very High
Startup Tracker Discover and track startups from MVP to IPO. Do-Follow Average Very High
Startupxplore Invest in tech startups that want to keep growing. No-Follow Good Very High
StartUs Community of Europe’s founders, startup enthusiasts and mentors. No-Follow Good Very High
TechDirectory Global online technology directory for tech companies and innovations. No-Follow Average Very High
The TechMap The window to your local tech scene. Find startups, professionals, etc. Do-Follow Average Very High
Trendy Startups Discover startups and blogging. Expedite your Startup and share blog post. Do-Follow Average Very High
Finding Startups Free online directory for Startups. Building a Startup community together. No-Follow Average High
Startup Button Discover a new startup at the click of a button. Do-Follow Average High
Startup Freak Community for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Do-Follow Average High
Land-book Awesome websites to help creatives find inspiration & motivation. No-Follow Good High
StartupBase Discover and get early access to exciting startups. Do-Follow Average High
BetaPage Community of tech lovers and early adopters. No-Follow Good Average
Startup Inspire Inspiration gallery for startups. Do-Follow Average Average
Launched Helps you discover the latest products launched. Do-Follow Average Average
Hackernews Active community of hackers and entrepreneurs. Do-Follow Excellent Low
All Startups Startup trends, news and more. Do-Follow Average Low
Appiod Apps & information about industry, development and technology.  Do-Follow Average Low
Apps Listo Online Magazine focusing on Apps Review, Development & News. Do-Follow Average Low
Apps Mamma Online Apps Review Magazine focusing on Parent Apps. Do-Follow Average Low
Launching Next Showcases the world's most promising new startups every day. No-Follow Average Low
SideProjectors Friendly marketplace to sell and buy interesting side projects. Do-Follow Average Low
Startup Buffer Premium startup directory. No-Follow Average Very Low
VB Profiles Business information community. No-Follow Average Very Low
Apps Mirror Online Magazine focusing on App Market & Technology. Do-Follow Average Very Low
AppsThunder App Review Blog focusing iPhone, iPad, Android Apps. Do-Follow Average Very Low
Tech Pluto Platform to uncover and showcase innovative and disruptive startups. No-Follow Good Very Low
Web App Rater Expert Reviews - Web, iOS Apps, Android Apps. No-Follow Average Very Low
Addictive Tips Provides tech tips to make you smarter. Do-Follow Very Good Very Low
Killer Startups Place for internet entrepreneurs. Do-Follow Average Very Low
Mashable Global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Do-Follow Excellent Very Low
Springwise Global source for innovation intelligence. Do-Follow Good Very Low
Alternative.me Source of better software alternatives. No-Follow Very Good Testing
AppRater Latest and greatest apps curated for you. Do-Follow Average Testing
AppsTimes News, stories related to apps, app development & indian app industry. Do-Follow Average Testing
Crazy About Startups Innovative platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Do-Follow Average Testing
Get Worm Discover new startups and get exclusive early bird offers. Do-Follow Average Testing
Reddit - Roast my startup Get constructive criticism for your startup. Do-Follow Excellent Testing
Startup Collections Resources and tools for starters. No-Follow Average Testing
Vator Professional network for entrepreneurs and investors. No-Follow Good Testing


Also we will submit your startup to this list if meets the condition:







InsurTech Do-Follow Average Very High - Only for insurance related startups.
Reddit - Alpha & Beta Users Do-Follow Excellent Very High - Only for startups in Alpha or Beta.
Reddit - Coupons Do-Follow Excellent Very High - Only for startups with coupons or offers.
Reddit - Lady Business Do-Follow Excellent Very High - Only for woman startups.
Reddit - Programming Do-Follow Excellent Very High - Only for products that help programmers.
Startups Watch (New) Do-Follow Average Very High - Only for turkish startups.
StartupsGalaxy Do-Follow Average Very High - Only for egyptian startups.
StartupStash No-Follow Good Very High - Only for startup tools.
AppAgg No-Follow Good High - Only for Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, Steam Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo Store apps.
Changelog Do-Follow Good High - Only for developer related startups.
EU-Startups (New) Non-Existent Good High - Only for european startups.
StartbaseHK Do-Follow Average High - Only for startups based in Hong Kong.
Tool Salad No-Follow Average High - Only for marketing tools.
Uplabs Do-Follow Very Good High - Only for design resources targeted to designers, creative agencies and developers.
Geekwire No-Follow Very Good Average - Only for located in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or British Columbia.
Netted Do-Follow Average Average - Only for B2C startups.
All Startups Info Do-Follow Average Very Low - Not older than 5 years.
- Mandatory english.
Capterra Do-Follow Excellent Very Low - Only for business apps.
PublicityX Do-Follow Average Very Low - Only for B2B startups.
Betabound Do-Follow Good Testing - Only for startups with beta product.
Betalist Do-Follow Good Testing - Only for recent startups.
Cloudshowplace Do-Follow Average Testing - Only for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.
Cnet Do-Follow Excellent Testing - Only for software downloads.
Mobile App Daily No-Follow Good Testing - Only for mobile apps, app development companies and app marketing agencies.
Startup Resources Do-Follow Average Testing - Only for startup tools.
Web Designer News No-Follow Good Testing - Only for web design startups.


And here there is a list of previously active directories. Now some of them are dead or abandon. Display List.




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