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Published on 1/29/2020

Published by marketing@concretebroker.com.au

What’s in a domain name?

Concrete Broker analyses concrete domain names and what they’re worth



Domain names are becoming scarce. As Chris Zuiker of Media Options, the well known domain broker says,” there is only so much real estate in the popular .com space,” and it would appear everyone is now scrambling for a piece of it.  But what about concrete domain names? Well given the fact concrete is one of if not the worlds largest selling commodities, it comes as no surprise concreting domain names are rising in value at an ever increasing rate. 

Large cement and concrete players are realising that big brand names alone don’t sell concrete and concreting products, online websites now do. And most of the broader public may not even recognise the names Lafarge Holcim, Heidleberg Cement or Anhui Conch, but chances are they google and search concrete prices or ready mix prices and possible a location when they want to buy concrete. Or they type in concreting or concreter near me, when they want a some concrete work done. Yes the retail and online world is now slowly catching up to the world of concrete. In the Construction contracting industry, those working with concrete and other building materials, were dead last in a study in 2014 year by Harvard Business Review of how 20 industries were digitally transforming their operations. But as of last year in 2019 many are now starting to transact business online. Hence the exponential growth in domain and URL values within this sector. In fact some of the largest players now in the world of concrete are online sellers including concrete2you.com in the UK, who sell predominantly online for Lafarge Holcim. 





Naturally many of the good .com url’s are now taken. But a quick search of concreting related sites on GoDaddy today highlights the following sale prices for popular .com concreting related domain names:

concreteforsale.com $35,000
concretesite.com minimum offer $50,000
concreteprices.com $15,000
concreteshop.com $28,300
concretemachinery.com $24,700
concretemix.com $37,180
concretecountertops.com $84,500
concretepolish.com $27,300
readymixprices.com $20,000
readymixforsale.com $10,000

The concrete industry is a huge industry worldwide in both Asia, India and the USA and beyond. But it is one which is only now coming online as it were. Ready mix suppliers, concrete tool and equipment manufacturers, concrete machinery wholesalers and retailers the world over are now searching for positions online. With industry retail sales and booking facilities increasing at an increasing rate, these domains must see price increases in the near future. It looks as if sites similar to The Trivago’s, Bookings.com and Amazon’s of the world are just about to launch into the world of concrete. Watch this space.


These days it’s not just your concreting competitors vying for space online who are starting to snap up domains. It’s savvy investors, retirement funds and individuals who specialise in domain investing, much the same way share investors and real estate investors transact business. The SEO, key words are important, but so is the ability to park you domain and earn revenue, or list it for advertising and google adword income.  Here at concrete broker we’re looking out for those who don’t fancy spending upwards of $10,000 USD on some online real estate for their business, and we have found a few great domain names that may suit you in your concreting market segment. These are:

For selling concrete online :

concrete4sale.com $5,000
retailconcrete.com $2,000
mudforsale.com $3,000
concreterates.com $8,000
concreteshopping.com $4,000
concretewholesaler.com $3,000
concreteseek.com $1,000
concreteplantnearme.com $1,000

For online retail shopping of concrete related products

concretingsite.com $5,000
concretershop.com $5,000
concretingsale.com $2,000
formworkingshop.com $1,000
diamondtoolshop.com $1,500
gfrcshop.com $2,000

For concrete pumping businesses 

concretepumpforsale.com $3,000
concretepumpnearme.com $2,000
linepumphire.com $2,000
concretingpump.com $2,000
concretingpumpshop.com $1,000

For decorative concrete specialists and retailers

decorativeconcreting.com $3,000
naturalstoneshop.com $1,000
concretingquote.com $2,000
diyconcreting.com  $3,000
concpolishing.com $1,000 

For those looking at expanding their presence into geographical locations

concretingchina.com $2,000
concretingindia.com $1,000
concretingusa.com $2,000
concretingmix.com $5,000
onlinebatchplant.com $500
concretingonline.com $1,000

#keep in mind concrete and concreting are key word given their ability to crawl across the plethora of market segments including decorative, chemicals, concreter, polished concreting, concreting tools and therefore capturing a broader SEO base. 

But it’s not all about cement companies, concreters, manufacturers and retailers retailers when it comes to domain names. Concrete is an attractive market for personnel agencies, employment agencies and research or news companies. What about :

concretingjobs.com $1,000
concretingjob.com $1,000
concretemarkets.com $500

Or what about this domain names for mobile applications :

concretebuddy.com $1,000
concretemate.com $1,000

And then again in the world of concrete we do form part of a broader market segment known as trades. So her at concrete broker we though we’d throw in some great domain names and URL’s for the tradies :

tradienearme.com $5,000
tradiessite.com $5,000
tradiesshop.com $5,000
tradiesquote.com $1,500
tradesshop.com $2,000


Whether you are looking to grow your presence on or off line in the 2020’s one cannot ignore the difference a good domain name has to your future success. Everyone is searching online, shopping online and making decisions based upon what they see and read online. Maybe now is the time to invest. Domain names and good URL’s are like land, they’re not building any more of it.



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