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Published on 6/27/2018

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When No One Works With Transport Management Anymore


           You wake up in a panic. It is 2 o’clock on the morning of your daughter’s birthday. You take a deep breath, turn to your smartphone, and whisper, “Order the Narnia books, gift wrapped. Deliver at 8 a.m.”

Do not ask the question about what is logistically possible today. Instead, ask when it will be standard procedure to place an order without even touching your smartphone’s screen and receiving the package by drone.


                    What Possibilities Can You See?

Your allergy medication landing right next to the flowery meadow, or the floor drain arriving at the contractor’s firm right when he needs it?

And since hunger is not really a question about lack of food, but logistics, maybe you see a way to end world hunger.


              What Would Make This Kind of Development Possible?



The answer consists of only three words: automated transport management. We know, the phrase is about as fascinating as a slow-running conveyor belt. It also happens that we become so wrapped up in all the technical aspects that we forget to get to the point when we are talking about LogTrade's cloud-based real-time system.

LogTrade do not think anyone should have to deal with transport management. Absolutely no one at all. Because the key to exceptional service is a system that does the job for you instead of stealing your valuable time—an automated digital logistics system with superpowers.

LogTrade’s customers and partners are e-commerce companies, suppliers, and carriers. Each one of them knows that its brand is only as strong as its weakest link.

That is why they all make such a great effort to show their customers that they care—at each step of the way. Our customers want to be able to grow, and they understand that to know where to put everything requires a digital logistics system that automates the operations.


Their system currently handles more than 3 million transactions per day, in real time. That means that thousands of customers and carriers have been interacting through their ERP or WMS systems via LogTrade.

Some of them have been with them since the very beginning, 20 years ago. But what makes LogTrade the proudest is that their customers not only see us them a piece of software but as a caring partner that will take them into the future.

Their cloud-based technology is a piece of a bigger puzzle that will bring about a future where delivery and transport processes take the world to a completely new dimension. No one knows what the road to this future will look like, but LogTrade keep working tirelessly toward it.

LogTrade work every single day to develop the technology that will solve the problems of today with a vision of the future. And they do it together with our skillful partners.

Half-full delivery trucks will be a thing of the past. Stock locations can be optimized. Good delivery service will go hand in hand with a more financially and environmentally efficient future.

Because that is what will happen as transport management becomes automated to the max: No one will work with it, but everyone will reap its benefits.




Logtrade is a new member at concrete broker and you can visit their homepage at LogTrade



Whether you are exporting diamond tools, pump parts, concrete mixers or concrete plants themselves, you shall soon realise the benefits of working with LogTrade.

With access to multiple shipping and transport solutions at your fingertips, your products can reach your customer sooner, faster, and at lower cost with LogTrade.

Its the hassle free way to transport your goods, wherever you are in the world.









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World?s Sand Running Out As Global Construction Booms



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