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Published on 9/19/2017

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I've now got problems with my slab

What was the cause? And how can I prevent it from happening next time?



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I've now got problems with my slab


What was the cause?

And how can I prevent it from happening next time?




Problems with slabs are often caused by a concrete contractors poor installation techniques, by poor curing, a bad concrete mix or a combination of all three.

Concrete can be difficult to work with, but if you have the right knowledge, people and tools, and plan your concreting project efficiently, the job should run smoothly, ensuring a good concrete finish and no unwanted glitches.

Lets look at the three common causes of bad concrete slabs in slightly more detail, and work out some ways to overcome them for you before commencing your concreting project.


1. Poor installation techniques. 

When concreters are understaffed this can lead to big dramas on site. Concrete can begin to set and harden before the concrete crew has time to finish the slab. Whilst not giving the concrete time to set evenly can lead to even more problems. Timing is everything. If you start to finish the surface of the concrete before it has appropriately hardened you effectively "close off' the concrete surface and cause surface imperfections such as delamination, flaking or peeling of the upper layer. The surface is weak and tends to crust and dust when you walk on it.

Finishing your concreting project in the right way will give you a great end result, and many people get this part wrong. For best results, do not overwork your concrete or use the trowel excessively. Doing this can make your mix dry, unworkable and lead to cracks. 

2. Poor curing

A poor concrete finish may be the result of not allowing enough curing time. Concrete generally only takes between 24 and 48 hours to set, however it can take around a week to properly cure. This process is especially important if you are going to be painting the concrete, walking on it, or placing furniture on it. For best results, laying a tarp onto the concrete is ideal. Not allowing enough curing time due to time restraints does not allow the finished product to last as long as it would if it had been allowed to cure for as long as possible. 

3. A bad Concrete mix

Concreters often tend to blame the batch plant when things go astray on site.  Whilst a bad or "hot" load of concrete may be the fault of the concrete batch plant, more often than not poor concrete finishes have little to do with the concrete mix. Concrete is a relatively durable substance, that takes quite a lot of work to ruin in the batching process. The dispatcher at the plant often needs to make a big mistake, such as hit an incorrect button on the computer, and add a chemical that shouldn't be added, for things to go wrong with your mix. Or not appropriately condition (i.e., moisten) your raw materials such as rock and sand. For this can lead to difficulties during the placing and finishing stage, as your concrete may not bleed water to the surface or set as evenly as is required. 

For best results ensure your trucks are evenly spaced allowing you enough time to finish the concrete being delivered. Order a mix that is fit for purpose. If in doubt order a slightly stronger concrete mix. It only costs a few dollars more yet can save you time and heartache later on when it comes to driving on the surface. And finally DO NOT add too much water on site. We know your concrete may be easier to finish with more water though additional water does indeed WEAKEN the strength of your concrete.


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