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Published on 8/3/2017

Published by timharrison0064@gmail.com

Lets take a look inside a real concrete pour

724 cubic metres of 35mpa concrete with steel fibres and mesh poured by Allied Concrete in Port Nelson NZ



For the next two months concretebroker is running a competition to ascertain "Who is the most important player in a concrete pour?"


With this in mind we thought we'd take a look inside a real concrete pour. Allied  Concrete in Port Nelson recently filmed a concrete pour wherein 724 cubic metres of 35mpa concrete with steel fibres and mesh were poured to their clients specifications. Resident manager there Andy Parker talks of two weeks organisation making sure the client, the weather, the major players in the pour and their suppliers were all in sync.

"Its exciting stuff for those in concrete to get their gloves around", says our resident concrete broker and former concrete plant Operations Manager Tim Harrison. "The big pours are the most stressful, yet the most rewarding, " he answered, when questioned about pours in excess of 500 cubic metres. "The early mornings in the dark, firing up the computers, the trucks and the drivers is an exhilerating feeling', he said. "With the concrete pumpers, the clients, the testers and the concreters all in play, a lot of things need to go right," he said. "It's all in the planning. I remember in late 2015 running 862 cubic meters out with 24 trucks and a 43mtre boom around the clock, and I'm quite sure all the drivers do too", he quipped. "The plant was running off its head, not to mention the batcher and loader driver." 


Lets take a look at a day of the life in Allied Concrete....




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