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Wervershoof Noord-Holland

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Simon Koopmanstraat 185
Wervershoof Noord-Holland 1693BE

About us

Manufacturer of professional moulds for interlocking 'Lego' Concrete Blocks. The mould construction is reconfigurable and parts can be easily replaced. Its modular design facilitates the most efficient use of mould walls. Interchange walls to build multiple mould sizes and shapes using minimum number of parts. You can change, expand, or disassemble the mould as required. If a worn or damaged part needs to be replaced, just buy that part instead of buying a whole new mould. In that way, our products can be kept in use as long as possible


Concrete block moulds

Our Strengths

- Freedom to produce various block forms and sizes - Easily replace worn and damaged parts - Efficient and cheaper transport due to modular design and loading by flat packing (we offer a modular system, not a fixed L-shape design of walls) - Patented proven design - We don’t compete our clients (most mould suppliers directly or indirectly connected to block suppliers are direct competitors of block producers) - We offer 120 mould types with only 80 components required

Our Network - Who We Recommend

We enjoy working with concrete block producers, concrete plants and contractors which are supplier of: • Storage Bays • Blast walls • Silage pits • Retaining Walls • Building Structure Walls • Crash protection blocks • Fire break walls • Flood protection • Push walls • Counter weights • Boundary Walls • Security fences and barriers • Permanent and Temporary Traffic Management

Why Choose Us

We help you build amazing things! Our modular design offers the cheapest solution to create a configuration of a variety of blocks – that can be changed at any time. The most flexible system on the market for the production of various interlocking concrete blocks.

Our Client Base

Aggregate supply companies Batch plant manufacturers Civil Building companies Concrete accessory suppliers Concrete block deliveries Concrete block manufacturers Concrete block suppliers Concrete plants readymix Concrete recycling companies Fencing contractors Precast concrete manufacturers Readymix concrete plants Retaining wall concreters Shoring Sand manufacturers and quarries Temporary fencing supplies Waste disposal company