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Norwalk Connecticut
United States

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360 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Norwalk Connecticut 06854
United States

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About us

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions is the exclusive supplier of Betonblock Customizable Concrete Molds in the US. Betonblock molds come in various shapes and sizes, made with first-class structural steel. Thanks to continuous innovation we can ensure our products have the ideal workability, low investment costs for customers and an unparalleled flexibility in use. Betonblock offers infinite construction possibilities thanks to theunique and extensive range of molds. Using only the most accurate and efficient equipment we can ensure our products have the highest possible quality whilst fulfilling all requirements.


Precast concrete equipment and machinery

Our Strengths

We are the only suppliers in the USA of Betonblock molds and accessories!

Our Network - Who We Recommend

We have several customers in the USA enjoying the use of their Betonblocks.

Why Choose Us

Businesses can have confidence in working with VDRS knowing that we ship 7 days a week and stock all spare parts and accessories for everything we sell at our HQ in Norwalk, CT. We are reachable by phone or email 7 days a week and can offer express shipping!

Our Client Base

Bridge building concreters Builder Car park concreters Commercial Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Concrete accessory companies Concrete block companies Concrete block contractors Concrete block deliveries Concrete block designs Concrete block manufacturers Concrete block moulds Concrete block sales Concrete broker Concrete mixer supplies

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