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Point Cook Victoria

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13 Linmax Court
Point Cook Victoria 3030

About us

Advance Concrete Pumping provides efficient and organized concrete pump services across Melbourne and other suburbs. Our team has excellent skills, knowledge, and experience that we use to give you the best concrete services. Whether it’s a commercial, residential, industrial, or civil engineering project – we are the concrete pump hire in Melbourne Company that you can contact with trust. From normal concrete slabs to building ten-story buildings – our team has the equipment and skill to build strong and long-lasting buildings. We provide services such as: - Concrete pumping for low-rise, multi-storey building - Pumping for concrete driveways, footpaths, and domestic works - A complete suite of new building estate civil works - Extended line pumping for hard-to-reach spaces - Concrete line pump for all small and big concrete works - Providing concrete boom pump - Building the best suspended concrete slabs Why choose us? The construction projects must be strong and long-lasting, so you have to make sure that you are giving the project to an experienced team. And we are proud to say that we are experienced and have an excellent skill set. - Qualified and insure team - Large network of suppliers and partners - The team that trains for health, safety, and professional training - The skilled and passionate team - Family-owned and operated business - Highly trained team - Providing service acrossGeelong andwestern suburbs - Safe and inclusive team - The best commercial concrete pump provider - Unmatched customer service Call us today if you are looking for concrete and boom pump hire near Geelong and other western suburbs.


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  1. Concrete Pumping Services Melbourne

    If you need quality concreting pumping services and concrete pump hire,  Advance Concrete Pumping are the specialists with everything to do with concrete pumping. If your project is in Melbourne, Point Cook, Geelong or any other Melbourne's Western Suburbs our highly experienced concrete pumping contractors are ready to assist with your concrete pumping needs.
  2. Boom Pump Hire

    Advance Concrete Pumping specialises in providing comprehensive concrete boom pumping services to help complete concreting projects across Melbourne. Advanced Concrete Pumping always ensure that our customers are provided quality concrete boom pumps that won’t let them down. Our extensive fleet of concrete boom pumps for wet hire give us the flexibility to tackle all types of projects and provide you with a suitable boom pump based on your specific requirements.